Cameron Mitchell, Program Manager, Tampa, FL

“I have worked here for four years and am still blown away by the professionalism and caring shown by this company.  Having been career military, this organization displays the kind of close-knit organization that I have heard fellow veterans state that they miss after they get out of their respective services and get hired by a civilian company.  I am proud and fortunate to say that I do not miss that feeling as I have found it here at AC4S.”

Micheal May, I/O Cable Technician III, Overseas

“I have worked for AC4S for the past 7 years and want to say, I Love my job. After working for 30 years with the local phone company and retiring, I feel blessed to have discovered AC4S and still feel blessed to this day. I have been so fortunate to be associated with great supervisors and upper management that display professionalism on a daily basis. I just want to Thank AC4S for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to succeed. If you are looking for a company that appreciates your contributions to the workforce, join AC4S. You will be glad you did, I was.”


Marcus Lockett, Logistic Technician - Transportation, Overseas

“I am delighted to be offering my testimonial of my work with AC4S. This being the second contract I have worked on with the company, I have nothing but wonderful and amazing experiences working alongside the people and environments through AC4S. AC4S offers a competitive compensation package and the experience I've gained has not only made me more marketable in the job market, but has also helped me grow as an individual. In a “nut-shell”, working for AC4S, is the best choice I have ever made in my life, I thank my supervisors, and all whom I work with daily, for this opportunity.  Working for AC4S has really changed my life.”


Michael J. McNabb, Logistics Analyst VI - Overseas

"During my time with AC4S, the information and ability to refer candidates for open positions has been an easily accessible task. The communication between current employees and our corporate office has been great and welcomed which makes the process approachable. In referring a candidate a few months ago, I was able to easily provide the corporate office with the candidate's information and also instruct the candidate on the process to apply. Having the monetary incentive to refer candidates is an added bonus that is much appreciated by current AC4S employees like myself."


Our Address:
 4017 W. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
 Tampa, FL USA 33614
  Phone Numbers:
 Main Number: 813-282-3031
 Fax Number: 813-983-7554

AC4S Was Formed ...

AC4S was formed by veterans with extensive joint tactical and commercial telecommunications experience. The three founder's vision was to provide Exceptional global customer support. AC4S brings extensive experience in military and civilian C4 Services and Solutions, Mission Support Services, and Professional Support Services to Special Operations, DoD, Intelligence Community and Diplomacy missions worldwide.



AC4S is an Equal Opportunity Employer, including disabled and vets.